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Louisiana State Fire Marshal Code Interpretations (Interpretive Memos)

The purpose of this page is to keep you up to date with revisions or interpretations to codes, laws, and ordinances regulated by the State Fire Marshal's Office.

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pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2020-01
Emergency Egress Drill Procedures during the COVID-19 Pandemic

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2020-02
Hurricane Laura Temporary Occupancy and Damage Repair Procedures

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2020-23_Revised
Restaurant / Food Service Outdoor Seating Criteria - Revised

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2020-23
Restaurant / Food Service Outdoor Seating Criteria

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2020-24
Outdoor Religious and Places of Worship


pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2019-01
Special Locking Arrangements

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2019-02
Specialized Care Locking Arrangements


pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2018-01
Health Care Sliding Door Installations

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2018-02
Fire Alarms and Operations in Educational Occupancies

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2018-03
Classroom Security for Existing Educational and Day Care Facilities


pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2017-01
Labels on Fire Door Assemblies in Health Care Facilities and Inspection Checklist


pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2016-01
Low Frequency Alarm Signal


pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2014-01
Non-Required Fire Alarm Systems

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2014-02
Cloud Ceiling Sprinkler Protection

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2014-03
UL300 Compliance for Existing Dry Chemical or Non Compliant UL300 Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2014-04
Sprinkler Placement Below Folding and Telescopic Seating

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2014-05
Backflow Preventers Added to Existing Sprinkler Systems

pdf Interpretive Memorandum 2014-06
Halloween Haunted Houses


pdf Formal Interpretation 2013-01
Classroom Security for Existing Educational (Grades K -12) and Day-Care Facilities

pdf Formal Interpretation 2013-02
(P.O.R.) Shop Drawing Review Stamp (Revised to Replace Interpretive Memorandum 2011-02 Dated February 18, 2011)

pdf Formal Interpretation 2013-03
Life Safety and/or Fire Protection System/Special Locking Submittals

pdf Formal Interpretation 2013-04
Evaluation and use of temporary emergency evacuation shelters

pdf Formal Interpretation 2013-05
Open Flame (Boiling) Areas

pdf Formal Interpretation 2013-06
Horizontal-Sliding Door Assemblies

pdf Formal Interpretation 2013-07
Evaluation of Conex (Seacan) Containers Used as Storage Occupancies


pdf Formal Interpretation 2012-01
Awnings, Canopies and Pedestrian Walkways

pdf Formal Interpretation 2012-02
OSFM Plan Review for Facilities Licensed by DHH, Health Standards Section


pdf Formal Interpretation 2011-01
Sprinkler Protection for Skylights and Ceiling Pockets

pdf Formal Interpretation 2011-02 | Revised as IM 2013-02 (see above)
(P.O.R.) Shop Drawing Review Stamp

pdf Formal Interpretation 2011-03
Protection of Hazards

pdf Formal Interpretation 2011-04
Evaluation of Lodging Occupancies

pdf Formal Interpretation 2011-05
Fire Protection and Means of Egress Requirements of the LSUCC

pdf Formal Interpretation 2011-06 | Revised as IM 2012-02 (see above)
Plan Review and Checklist for DHH Health Care Facility Licensing Requirements

pdf Formal Interpretation 2011-07
Limited Combustible Materials (Vinyl Faced Insulation)


pdf Formal Interpretation 2010-01
Suspended Acoustical Ceilings Provided to Resist the Passage of Smoke | NOTE: This Memorandum voids and replaces IM 2006-05 and IM 2007-03

pdf Formal Interpretation 2010-02
Use of Listed Heat Trace with NFPA 13R systems

pdf Formal Interpretation 2010-03
Temporary Emergency Evacuation Shelters for Nursing Homes

pdf Formal Interpretation 2010-05
Commericial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods and their Immediate Environment

pdf Formal Interpretation 2010-06
Protection of "Corridors" in Day-Care Occupancies

pdf Formal Interpretation 2010-07
Mechanical Platforms

pdf Formal Interpretation 2010-08
Parking Garages and Rubber Tire Storage


pdf Formal Interpretation 2009-01
Use of Residential Hood Suppression Systems | NOTE: This Memorandum replaces this office's IM 2001-08 dated as revised on April 26, 2001

pdf Formal Interpretation 2009-02
Exits for Educational and Day-Care Occupancies

pdf Formal Interpretation 2009-03 | Revised as IM 2019-01 (see above)
Special Locking Arrangements - Request for Installation

pdf Formal Interpretation 2009-04 | Revised as IM 2019-01 (see above)
Magnetic Lock Releasing Devices & Electrified Locks/Latches

pdf Formal Interpretation 2009-05 | Revised as IM 2019-02 (see above)
Special Healthcare Locking Arrangements

pdf Formal Interpretation 2009-06
Folding (Disappearing) Attic Access Ladders


pdf Formal Interpretation 2008-01
Gas Fired Furnaces and Hot Water Heaters Not Requiring Fire Resistant Separation or Extinguishment Protection


Formal Interpretation 2007-01
Sprinkler Protection for Exterior Roofs, Canopies, or Porte Cocheres

Formal Interpretation 2007-03 | Revised as IM 2010-01 (see above)
Suspended Acoustical Ceilings Provided to Resist the Passage of Smoke


Formal Interpretation 2006-01 | Replaced by Level-1 submittals through the OSFM-IMS
Building Modifications: Request for Exemption from Formal Plan Review

Formal Interpretation 2006-02
Head Height at Automotive Service Lifts

Formal Interpretation 2006-03 | Revised as IM 2009-03 (see above)
Special Locking Arrangements Request for Installation

Formal Interpretation 2006-04 | Revised as IM 2009-04 (see above)
Magnetic Lock Releasing Devices

Formal Interpretation 2006-05 | Revised as IM 2010-01 (see above)
Suspended Acoustical Ceilings Provided to Resist the Passage of Smoke

Formal Interpretation 2006-06
Lost Plans or Shop Drawings


Formal Interpretation 2005-02
Requirements for Daycare Occupancies

Townhouse Plan Reviews
Re-posted 8.25.06


Formal Interpretation 2003-01
Alcohol-Based Waterless Hand Sanitizers


Formal Interpretation 2002-01
Temporary Buildings

Formal Interpretation 2002-02
Tents and Canopies in Industrial Facilities

Formal Interpretation 2002-04
Definition of Parking Garages | (See IBC for Guidance)

Formal Interpretation 2002-05
Emergency Forces Notification for Small Building Additions & Modular Classroom Buildings at Educational Occupancies

Formal Interpretation 2002-06
Fire Alarm Systems at Educational Facilities

Formal Interpretation 2002-07
Sleep Disorder Clinics & Similar Facilities

Formal Interpretation 2002-08
Fire Rated Compartmentation for Building Isolation

Formal Interpretation 2002-09
Vinyl Insulation/Top of Barrier Wall Termination

Formal Interpretation 2002-10
Closed Door Ovens

Formal Interpretation 2002-11
Utilization of the Central Model EC-25 Extended Coverage Area/Density Sprinkler, manufactured by Tyco Fire Products

Formal Interpretation 2002-12
Shade Fabric Equivalency to "Burn-Out" Ceiling

Formal Interpretation 2002-12R
Shade Fabric Equivalency to "Burn-Out" Ceiling; Revised to include "XLS Revolux" fabric

Formal Interpretation 2002-13
Combustible Structural Members Penetrating Fire Barrier Wall Assemblies

Formal Interpretation 2002-14
Signage for the Visually Impaired for Special Locking Systems

Formal Interpretation 2002-15
Fire Suppression Protection of Tilt Skillets/Braising Pans, Open Kettles & Steam Kettles

Formal Interpretation 2002-16
Accessible Route from an Accessible Parking Access Aisle

Formal Interpretation 2002-17
Protection of Rubber Tire Storage | (See IBC for Guidance)

Formal Interpretation 2002-18
Smoke Partition Penetrations


(DRAFT) Survivability
Notification Appliance Circuitry & Fire Command Center (Public comment on this draft memo is invited prior to finalization)

Formal Interpretation 2001-02
Fire Alarm Remote Station Personnel Requirements

Formal Interpretation 2001-04
Dry Chemical Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

Formal Interpretation 2001-05
Licenses Required for Suppression & Fire Detection Systems

Formal Interpretation 2001-06
Licenses Required for Plan Review

Formal Interpretation 2001-08
Use of Residential Hood Suppression Systems | Revised as IM 2009-01 (see above)

Formal Interpretation 2001-09
Mobile/Modular Health Units

Formal Interpretation 2001-10
Baptismal Fonts


Formal Interpretation 2000-01
Location of Suppression Agent Containers Expellant Gas Assemblies for Local Application & Total Flooding Fire Protection Systems

Formal Interpretation 2000-04
Floor Level at Pre-Manufactured Special Use Rooms

Formal Interpretation 2000-05
Sprinkler Protection for Telescopic Bleachers 12' or Less in Height

Formal Interpretation 2000-06
Strobe Placement in "Common Use" Areas

Formal Interpretation 2000-07
Use of CPVC Pipe & Fittings in Sprinklered Facilities

Formal Interpretation 2000-08
Apartments/Equivalency to Sprinkler System

Formal Interpretation 2000-10
Exemption Request Form for Non-Required Fire Alarm Systems

Formal Interpretation 2000-11
Exemption Request Form for Temporary Construction Buildings at Job Site

Formal Interpretation 2000-12
Corridor Rating Requirements in Day Care Occupancies

Formal Interpretation 2000-13
Protection of Residential Type Gas Fired Appliances

Formal Interpretation 2000-15 | Revised as IM 2009-05 (see above)
Special Locking Arrangements in Health Care Occupanices

Formal Interpretation 2000-16
Fire Alarm Service Calls

Formal Interpretation 2000-18
Internal Joint Sealants for Kitchen Exhaust Hoods


99 Memo Unnumbered
Protection of Mechanical Equipment in Concealed Locations

99 Memo Unnumbered
Elevator Power Shut Off & Sprinker Operation

Formal Interpretation 99-01
Location of Extinguishing Agent Containers in a Hood Extinguishing System

Formal Interpretation 99-02
Fire Alarm Exemption Request Forms for Remote Monitoring of Supervised Sprinkler Systems & Elevator Recall

Formal Interpretation 99-03
Height of Strobes Above the Floor

Formal Interpretation 99-04
Elevator Lobby Separations in High Rise Buildings


98 Memo Unnumbered
Usage & Storage of Flammable Liquids in Nail Salons

Formal Interpretation 98-01
Accessible Lines of Sight in Motion Picture Theaters

Formal Interpretation 98-02
Silencing of Visual Alarm Notification

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