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Plan Review

Office Phone:  (225) 925-4920
Toll Free Number:  (800) 256-5452

Joe Delaune, Chief Architect, (225) 925-6767

Jennifer Moreau, Chief Supervisor, (318) 290-0284

Fidel Fremin, Architect Senior Specialist, (225) 806-4419

Barry Broussard, Architect

Brad Everett, Architect Senior Specialist, (225) 456-7363

Brian Beadle, Architect

Christopher Coats, Architect

Corey Thomas, Intern

David Campisi , Architect Supervisor, (318) 344-5673

Donna LeBlanc, Engineer

Ellen McFarland, Architect

Eric Riley, Architect

Ghassan Haddad, Plan Review Deputy

Gordon Cameron, Architect

Harvey Burns, Architect

Jamar Gardner, Intern

Janeiro Johnson, Administrative Professional

Jarvis Wyandon, Architect

Jay Seastrunk, Architect

Jean Carter, Architect

Jeff Gonsoulin, Architect

Julie Little, Architect Supervisor, (504) 275-8418

Khalid Thalji, Engineer

Laura Patterson, Architect Supervisor, (225) 588-4762

Lauren Landry, Architect

Quanzella Johnson, Administrative Professional

Ray Urdaz, Architect Supervisor

Ron Mathis, Intern

Sara McCann, Architect

W David Jones, Architect

Miriam Douglas, Architect

Stephanie Magee, Architect

Special Services

TBA, Chief Technology Officer

Captain Lorre Claiborne, (225) 200-7974

Lieutenant Jerry Dillon

Lieutenant Nathan McCallum, (225) 268-2900

Lieutenant Wesley Aucoin

Clarissa Levy

Karen Scott

Linda Luneau

Marlene Aucoin

Mia Guitreau

Tara Lorraine

Amanda Guidry

Trenterica Franklin

Rhonda Levy

Myeasha McKnight

Lanicka Albert

Alicia Williams

Kaitlyn Smith

Lyia Miller-Singleton, Safety Coordinator

Captain Trevor Santos, (225) 252-4845

Corporal Cleve Franklin

Office Phone:  (800) 256-5452


Major Alton Teekel, (225) 268-5556

Captain Ricky Roubique, (225) 938-2360

Theresa Powell

Corporal Adam Wilson, (225) 400-4339

Corporal Christopher Hicks, (318) 801-0521

Corporal Tyler Hebert

Deputy Brittany Jefferson, (225) 400-2444

Deputy Mike Polito, (985) 323-3285

Melissa Lang

Dennis Day

Office Phone:  (800) 256-5452


Captain Rhett Termini

Corporal Daniel Harris

Deputy Logan Whittaker

Annette Thomas

Office Phone:  (800) 256-5452

Manufactured Housing

Troxie Snearl, Administrative Coordinator

Danny Dunn

Laurie Johnson, Administrative Coordinator

Office Phone:  (225) 362-5500
Toll Free Number:  (800) 256-5452


Captain Bernadette Richard

Corporal Donald Malarcher

Corporal Rebecca Kinchen

Deputy Gail Lorio

Deputy Dess Fontenot

Becky Roberts

Office Phone:  (800) 256-5452

Fire Safety Education & Training

Willie Parker, (225) 372-6903

Office Phone:  (800) 256-5452


Major Keith Reed, (225) 925-4296

Office Phone:  (800) 256-5452

Fire & Emergency Training Academy (FETA)

Kate Elliott, Chief Administrative Officer

Ken Fowler, Chief of Municipal Operations, (225) 372-6907

Ed Griffen

Major Traci Roberts, (225) 372-6909

Christy Abshire,(225) 327-6967

Dina Hammork, (225) 372-6902

Tracey Ramirez, (225) 372-6905

Blance Bankston, (225) 923-7773

Eric Kleinpeter, (225) 800-5880

Sam Joubert, (225) 372-6851

Ricky Gary, (225) 372-6852

Miles Kirkland, (225) 372-6856

James Hughes, (225) 372-6963

Donald King, (225) 372-6964

Chase Edwards

Office Phone: (225) 372-6944

Emergency Services (EMO)

Dustin Kleinpeter, Deputy Superintendent-Special Operations and Emergency Response, (225) 251-6414

Thomas Townsend, Battalion Chief-Special Operations and Emergency Response, (225) 933-7713

Office Phone:  (800) 256-5452


Johanna Gonzales, UCCC Administrative Assistant

Mark Joiner, Administrator, (225) 247-6608

Office Phone:  (800) 256-5452


Fire Marshal Bryan J. Adams

Deputy Chief Dan Wallis, Fire Marshal Administrator to FETA, (225) 925-3623

Deputy Chief Felicia Cooper, (225) 925-4200

Deputy Chief Nick Heinen, (225) 925-3816

Deputy Chief Erin St.Pierre, (225) 955-0508

Deputy Chief Russell Shoultz, (225) 955-5594

Ashley Rodrigue, Public Affairs Director, (225) 620-5115

Joe Delaune, Chief Architect, (225) 925-6767

Mark Treadway, (225) 235-9855

Thomas Stone, (225) 372-6906

Dale Broussard

Shantelle Brent, Executive Management Officer

Lindsay Savoy

Susan Brown, Paralegal

SFm Logo

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office
Fire Marshal Bryan J. Adams

8181 Independence Blvd.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Driving Directions to SFM Headquarters

Emergency Request for Fire Marshal Services
(for Fire Service Use Only)

Additional Contacts by Section/Division

Emergency Request for Fire Marshal Services
(for Fire Service Use Only)


This number is for ALL calls requesting emergency services pertaining to, but not limited to, fire investigations, code emergencies, amusement ride accidents, etc.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Caller name and phone number
  • Contact name and phone number of incident command on scene
  • Incident address with zip code
  • Nature of call (fire investigations, code emergencies, amusement ride accidents, etc.)

Emergency requests for services from a department will receive a return call from the duty officer on call.

For all non-emergency requests for services, please call 1-800-256-5452 or 225-925-4911 during business office hours (8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.).

Emergency Request for Wildfire/LDAF (Ag & Forestry) Services (for Fire Service Use Only)


District Coverage Map

Click on the map below to see what districts cover which areas.

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