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Helpful Files, Guides, & Forms

Below are files and documents that should help with the completion of LFIRS reports.

FIREFIGHTERS ARE NOT EXPECTED TO BE INSURANCE ADJUSTORS! But by providing information on property lost and saved you are helping to establish your importance in your community as well as providing data that aids fire assessment at the State and National levels. The attached PDF document provides the rules and supporting rationale for including these values in your incident reporting and links to websites to help you determine property values. The attached “calculator” will also help you produce a reasonable estimate.

Estimating Fire Dollar Loss and Property Value

Property Pre-Post Loss Value Calculator

Remember, you know your area best.  Use the figures determined by the value calculating tools at your disposal as a guideline for making your estimate.  The inclusion of these values will create a more complete account of the incident.

Module Description Basics

A brief description of each of the 11 modules in the NFIRS system, along with guidance on when additional modules are needed.

NFIRS Field Notes Form

This form was developed to help you gather all the information you will need to complete your NFIRS modules while on the scene of an incident. You may choose your completed forms as a physical back-up to your electronic files.

Civilian Fire Casualty

The Civilian Fire Casualty module is a required module in the event you a civilian (anyone not fire service, including law enforcement) injury or fatality that is directly related to the fire incident.

Fire Service Casualty

The Fire Service Casualty module is a required module whenever there is a fire fighter injury or fatality regardless of the incident type.

NFIRS Incident Type Codes (2012 Edition)

An excerpt of the NFIRS Complete Reference Guide. If you are not sure what Incident Type code to use, you may choose to search this file by using a keyword.

NFIRS Complete Reference Guide (2012 Edition)

The Big Book; about 516 pages (including blank pages inserted for printing purposes)! Everything you would ever want to know about completing NFIRS modules. A must have reference, regardless of which type of reporting software you are using.

Cobb County Mock Trial (AVI Format)

The video clip provided is a graphic depiction of why you want to document, and document completely, every run that your department does. The .avi file should play on any music/video player you have installed on your computer. If you have problems, read the note below.

NOTE: If the Mock Trial Scenario plays sound but displays no video, click here to install the DivX Codec. Only the DivX Codec Component needs to be installed. When prompted uncheck the DivX Plus Converter, DivX Plus Player, DivX Plus Web Player options.

This page last updated on February 15, 2023