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Fire Watch Program

Fire Watch is a program which encourages the establishment of dedicated personnel within a nursing home or long-term care facility entrusted with the responsibility to prevent and/or react to emergency situations in event of a fire. Their sole duties are to observe for emergency situations and to prevent unsafe acts.

Below is an on-line course, completion of which is required for all designated Fire Watch personnel as well as the official Fire Watch Log which must be maintained by the facility.

Should you have any questions about the Fire Watch Registry, please contact at (225) 925-4911.

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Emergency Elevator Access Act

Online Training

Below is the on-line course, completion of which is required for all designated Fire Watch personnel. Once you have concluded the on-line course, complete and submit the registration form below. All fields are required.

pdf Online Training Document
Posted 05.25.10

Fire Watch Registry

Fire Watch Log

This Fire Watch Log Sheet(s) is to be maintained at the temporary shelter facility for review and inspection. Upon closure of the shelter facility all log sheets shall be transferred to and maintained at the evacuated nursing home for a period of not less than one (1) year.

pdf Fire Watch Log
Posted 05.25.10

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