Louisiana State Fire Marshal
Unsolicited or Unidentifiable Project Documentation



To: Plan Review Staff, Architects, Engineers, Fire Alarm Contractors, Hood Suppression Contractors, Sprinkler Contractors

From: Jerry W. Jones, Deputy Assistant Secretary/Chief Arch.

Subject: Suggestions to Reduce Unnecessary Package Processing

Date: June 3, 1998

The Fire Marshal's Office receives many packages, which contain plans, specifications, and/or other material of a bulky nature, that are not specifically for review (without application and fee). Most times, these packages are returned with a comment like "A detailed review was not performed on this addendum or change order" and that, "if a review is desired then include a completed application and appropriate review fee".

We do, however, occasionally permit minor modifications to previously reviewed projects, but it is not normally necessary to send a bulky package to obtain acceptance of such minor revisions. Sometimes these bulky packages are received without any letter or correspondence. Either, we spend time trying to figure out what the package is, or we send the package back with little or no response. In both cases, there is an unwarranted cost to the State of Louisiana which should not be incurred. Packages received by this office that are not part of a formal review submittal will be discarded unless arrangements are made for return postage, shipping, and handling. A check or money order of sufficient amount to cover these costs shall be required. The check shall be made payable to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

Again, these packages are costly to handle and many times are returned without benefit to anyone but the Postmaster. Documentations regarding minor modifications to previously reviewed projects would not require a bulky package of information. Addenda and Change Orders that include major revisions to previously reviewed projects are handled as separate projects and therefore must be submitted with a completed Plan Review Application and appropriate review fee based on the square footage of the area being modified. In most cases, the minimum review fee of $53.00 will apply. Some major addenda reviews may require resubmission of the entire project. This policy shall be effective July 1, 1998.

If you have any questions, please contact the reviewer handling your project.


cc: V.J. Bella