Louisiana State Fire Marshal
Modifications to Existing 110V Fire Alarm Systems in Educational Occupancies



To: Plan Review Staff, Inspections & Fire Alarm Contractors

From: Jerry W. Jones Deputy Assistant Secretary/Chief Architect

Re: Modifications to Existing 110 Volt Fire Alarm Systems in Educational Occupancies

Date: June 17, 1998

A question has been raised as to how one would go about adding devices and/or a panel to an existing 110 volt fire alarm system that uses a secondary A/C line for system back-up; or in a majority of the situations, has no secondary power supply due to the fact that early editions of NFPA 72 did not mandate fire alarm systems to have battery back-up.

Be advised, where modifications are being made (i.e. devices being added or replaced) other than in-find replacement, to existing 110 volt fire alarm systems in educational occupancies installed prior to September 1, 1986 without a secondary power supply, the systems shall be required to provide a new control panel with battery back up of 24 hours minimum for a local, central station, and proprietary signaling system; or 60 hours minimum for an auxiliary and remote station signaling systems. The location of the new control panel shall be adjacent to the existing 110 volt control panel in a constantly attended location and shall be connected in such a way as to initiate all alarm notification devices. Please note that this office will require the new control panel to be on the same 110 volt circuit supplying power to the panel. This installation shall specifically comply with 72:3-11. The arrangement will provide a means of supervising the power to the existing panel.

Jerry Jones